AIG Business Owners Package Policy

AIG Business Owners Package Policy

National program for coastal properties including wind. All other states's wind deductible is the same as AOP. 


  • Over 370 BOP Small Business SIC Codes  

  • Coastal Properties

  • Restaurants with Liquor 50% to 75%

  • Artisan contractors (no heavy construction), plumbers, electricians, landscapers, painters and others

  • Office/Commercial lessors risk  

  • Beauty Shops including professional

  • Office including office condos

  • Lessor Risks

  • Retail/Wholesale

  • Processing and Service 


  • Coastal and ocean front properties

  • Most states wind deductibles same as AOP, including KS, OK, NE, CO

  • Umbrella excess up to $10 Million

  • Competitive Workers Compensation: Employers Insurance Company

  • Difficult market placement including New York City

  • Other coverages

  • Excess Liability, Umbrella

  • Workers compensation

  • Business Auto  

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