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Quoting and selling business in ICON is faster and easier than ever with account-specific coverage recommendations, simplified edit and rerate capabilities and plain language policy output.


Experiencing Mod Pre-fill Is a Game-Changer for Faster Quoting

Quoting workers’ comp coverage is faster and more accurate when you enter a business’ FEIN (federal employer ID number). In NCCI states and California, the e-mod will pre-fill. See how our pre-fill capabilities save you time.

Speed and ease have been the hallmarks of our ICON quote and issue technology.


But the power of ICON goes well beyond a frictionless quote and issue experience. With ICON, you’re getting a total sales solution:


  • Select the right coverage for your customer effortlessly by displaying industry-focused optional coverage recommendations with our “Businesses Like This” feature among others.

  • Easily view premium impacts of adding/removing optional coverages with the side-by-side quote comparison feature.

  • HELP icons offer coverage information, including how to sell it to customers.

  • Get direct access to more resources and solutions like the ability to get a bindable group benefits quote when rating a workers’ comp policy on eligible accounts.


View this flyer to find out more about The Hartford's recent ICON changes.

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