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30 million data base contacts

  • 30 million businesses & executives

  • 7 million Jobs

  • 15 million executives email addresses

  • 2 million new businesses

  • 7.9 million healthcare professionals

  • 220 million residents

  • 90 million homeowners

  • 350,000 new movers & new homeowners added


30 Million Businesses and Executives

​A to Z Databases achieves comprehensive coverage on 30 million U.S. businesses and executive listings compiled from sources such as:

  • Annual reports

  • SEC filings

  • Corporate registers

  • Public records

  • National directory assistance data

  • Thousands of yellow and white-page directories

  • Business Directories

Our customers expect a high degree of accuracy when using our information. Our Monthly updates include telephone verification, web mining, and NCOA (National Change of Address).​

2 Million NEW Businesses

New Businesses are acquired from specialized research firms who collect and aggregate New Business records from a wide variety of sources. A to Z Databases uses multiple providers to ensure coverage of real, operating businesses around the U.S. Key to the A to Z Databases process is intelligent filtering to remove non-operating shell companies or "fake" businesses, which are just additional telephone connections, rather than a unique business location. New Businesses are updated in A to Z Databases on a weekly basis.

220 Million U.S. Residents

A to Z Databases's 220 million residential listings are compiled from data sources including:

  • National directory assistance data

  • real estate deed and tax information

  • Voter registration data

  • Mail order data

  • Thousands of white pages

  • Warranty cards, and many other sources.

 Impressive Search Demographics

  • City, County or State

  • Type of Business

  • SIC Codes

  • NAIC Codes

  • Number of Employees

  • Sales

  • Keyword/Business Type

  • Records with phone numbers

  • Names of Executives 

  • Annual Revenue

  • And More

7 Million Jobs

A to Z Databases partners with to provide the #1 job database in the world. obtains job postings by:

  • Employers posting direct to their website

  • Aggregating from thousands of employer websites

A to Z Databases enables patrons to learn more about a potential employer by linking to our comprehensive business profile. The Jobs database also contains resume templates, personality tests and preparation guides for the interview.

350,000 New Movers & New Homeowners Added Weekly

New Movers and New Homeowners are acquired through multiple sources including register of deeds records, new phone connects, utility connections, and self-reported information from websites offering services to those moving. When one purchases a new home, the transaction is recorded at the local county register of deeds' office. In the majority of states, these records are made available to the general public and are obtained and incorporated into the database. New phone and utility connection information is provided by those companies whenever a new connection is made. On average, records in the New Mover/New Homeowner file have been in their homes for 3 to 12 weeks when they first appear in the New Mover & New Homeowner database, with most being in their new residence between 30 and 60 days.

Government sources report their data on different schedules. Some counties provide the information every week, some counties report once a month, and some counties report whenever it is most convenient for them. This can result in a wide rage of purchase dates being made available in each week data load, as well as fluctuations in count from week to week.

Records in the New Mover/New Homeowner file have not been sourced using the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) product. License agreements with the US Postal Service prohibit the use of NCOA in any way to create a new mover database.

7.9 Million Healthcare Professionals

A to Z Databases's 7.9 million Healthcare Professionals are compiled from data sources including:

  • State License Filings

  • U.S. DEA Information

  • National Provider Directory Files