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    Member Benefits Summary


USA-SBA Members receive an incredible package designed to foster the American free entrepreneur spirit, business growth, and success. Included is the ease of communicating and expressing your opinions direct to your Washington elected representatives. It facilitates your navigation to locate elected representatives, as well as, provides access to various US regulatory departments and divisions. Offering your opinion on current business legislative agenda impacting small business owners counts major toward needed change.


Through Score, members have access to an amazing small business information resource offering business consulting/advising, as well as a broad selection of educational opportunities including mentoring by retired executives from leading national companies.  Available is a large library of online tutorials, webinars, and courses designed to assist small businesses to reach their potential.  The small Business School video library consists of the “best of the best” content from over 50 textbooks found in MBA curricula.  Each course instructor is a recognized expert in their field as well as successful in business. Other benefits include a wide variety of products and services business owners use every day, such as equipment, supplies, electronics, products, and other services.


The USA-SBA website  provides an up to the minute consistent stream of time sensitive national and global economic, political and business news.  It is one of the most comprehensive association resources for small businesses in the US.  Every small business owner can benefit as a member.  The annual dues are a small token in comparison to the benefits. Members can save $1000s.


I trust you will consider joining USA Small Business Association today. The active membership dues are only $175.00 annually. As a token our appreciation for your time and opportunity to introduce USA-Small Business Association, please use code USASBA49 when paying and receive a $50 dues reduction.  Small business has been impacted greatly since 08 resulting in more business failures than start-ups, Washington policy has benefited wall street, while small business has been ignored. Times and opportunities are changing, please assist all small business owners by promoting a positive pro-small business legislative agenda and economic reform in Washington. Every vote and opinion counts, especially yours. Join Now!


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