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MGA Preferred Agency Network



  • Direct Bill

  • No Interest

  • Total Policy Services

  • Automatic Renewals

  • Fees Negotiable

  • Competitive

  • Access to Leading E&S Companies


The Hartford's financial strength and Top Rated Customer Service Center has partnered with Am WINS, the nation’s largest wholesale brokerage.

The Hartford’s E&S (excess and surplus) Advantage can help make your job easier by giving you a total account solution. This business model gives you a streamlined, ‘admitted-like’ placement and service experience. From quote to issue, you’ll get these time-saving benefits:

  • ONE combined direct bill with installment options and zero interest payments

  • ONE stop submission in The Hartford’s quoting platform, ICON

  • ONE commission statement

  • ONE service and renewal experience through Policyholder Services (PHS)

The Hartford partners with AmWINs to give you the most competitive quote from multiple carriers, all in under 24 hours.

Through ICON, it’s easy to request a non-admitted quote for property and general liability coverages. You can expect a quote, competitively priced within 24 hours following a complete submission.

Renewal servicing is probably one of the most time-consuming aspects of writing E&S business. But it doesn’t have to be. Placing a non-admitted policy in The Hartford’s E&S Advantage saves you time at renewal. That’s right … our Policyholder Services (PHS) team handles all E&S policy servicing including renewal-related activities like:


  • Conducting the diligent search, obtaining 3 declines from standard markets

  • Shopping the account by working directly with the customer on your behalf to help ensure the right solution at a competitive price

  • Billing the customer with installment options; premium financing not required

  • Completing the required renewal filings



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